Our Story


Aligned Living Studios was envisioned by Pilates studio owner, Cory Garner and Pilates Instructor, Bess Shriver. Cory and Bess, began to practice yoga during their down time between clients. Each of them began to notice subtle shifts and changes within their body’s. Most interestingly, they began to experience movement break-throughs within their primary movement practice of Pilates. They played with the idea of the body being like a piece of cloth with a warp running in one direction and the weft in the other – with Pilates being the warp and Yoga the weft. Only when the two are pulled taught in a balanced way is the cloth smooth and fluid in motion. Their mutual experience inspired them to join forces and create an expanded space and call it Aligned Living Studios, a space for the practice of mindful movement modalities with a heavy emphasis on alignment.