Mindfulness, Mantras & Malas - The Art of Relaxation
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Mindfulness, Mantras & Malas - The Art of Relaxation

A Workshop with Naeisha Jones LCSW, CYT-200, CAMS of Stretch Consulting & Bess Shriver of Aligned Living Studios
You've likely heard that meditation and mindfulness practices have the ability to enrich our lives by providing relief from stress and anxiety. Perhaps you've wondered how to get started with a mindfulness or meditation practice but have no idea where to begin? Or maybe you've begun a practice by way of an app or any of the other modern modalities avaialble to help us on the road to finding more serenity in life but have unanswered questions? Join us for this 3 hour workshop with Naeisha Jones where we'll explore breath based meditation, guided meditation, and Yin Yoga. We'll also experience a mantra based meditation with Bess Shriver, Pilates Instructor at Aligned Living and Certified Chopra Center Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor. Bess will explain the use of mala beads during a mantra based meditation - a great, tactile tool for those of us with a case of the fidgets that tend to have a difficult time finding stillness when we sit to meditate.

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