The Studios

We envisioned a space that inspires the soul to settle, if just for an hour. Whether you’re feeling the burn in an up-level Pilates Reformer class, enjoying your first downward facing dog of the day, receiving a deep tissue massage, or going deep within your true self in the Om Room we’ve created spaces that inspire an immediate exhale of , “Aaaaahhh…”. We’ve united the practices Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and self-care under one roof at Aligned Living Studios and invite you to experience the difference of fitness done mindfully.


The Pilates Apparatus Studio

Our Pilates space is furnished with Balanced Body equipment including 4 Studio Reformers, 5 Mat & Tower Units, 2 Exo chairs, and a Trapeze Table (or Cadillac). We teach in the Contemporary style and encourage our expert instructors to be creative whilst staying true to the Pilates method. We offer both Reformer and Mat & Tower classes, private, and semi-private instruction. Classes offer a full body workout and encourage a fun, light-hearted attitude without skimping on precision of alignment. Pilates creates a long, lean, core-strong body and healthy, mobile joints. The Pilates method builds unparalleled core strength and body awareness which makes it a compliment to any lifestyle from the grandparent that just wants to keep up with his or her grandchildren to the most avid CrossFitter.


The Yoga Studio

We’ve created a warm, inviting, sacred space to start or grow your Yoga practice. We offer something for everyone whether your body is asking for a slow and settling Yin practice or a fiery Vinyasa flow. We encourage our instructors to fully embody the space during his or her teaching time and encourage creativity without limits. The cork-backed floor provides a slightly cushioned surface under your mat and holds the ambient temperature of the room. The broad-spectrum benefits of Yoga include better flexibility, improved overall strength, healthy joint tissue and boosts immunity but there are many, subtler benefits as well. We invite you to explore all of the benefits of a strong Yoga practice with us and your first class is FREE!


Meditation & Massage

Affectionately named, the “Om Room” is a small, cozy space used for meditation practice and also for massage therapy and related body-work. We currently offer guided meditations and in the near future will offer certified Chopra Center Primordial Sound meditation. We hope to foster a community of meditators at Aligned Living Studios in an effort to help Deepak Chopra reach his goal, which was once the goal of his mentor, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of a billion meditators on the planet to foster a shift towards world peace.

Massage is an integral part of a truly healthy body. The benefits of massage include better circulation of both blood and lymph, better sleep, improved muscle tone and most importantly, pliable fascia. Both Yoga and Pilates improve the hydration and elasticity of fascial tissue but manual manipulation of tissues can identify and release fascial adhesions that inhibit movement. Our skilled massage therapists can help identify where your tissues are congested or restricted and begin releasing them.