At Aligned Living Pilates we offer several different payment options. Pay for a single class or session with no obligations for future enrollment, or choose a package of sessions or small group classes to receive discounted pricing.

We also offer a 'Bank' option for clients who regularly participate in varying session types.


Pilates New Client Special

$150 for 3 Private Pilates Sessions (a value of $225)

The Pilates New Client Special is the perfect way to begin your Pilates practice, re-start a dormant Pilates practice or transition your Pilates practice from another studio to ours. Each private session meets you where you are in your practice and allows our instructors to get to know you and either introduce you to Pilates or help you pick up where you left off. These 3 sessions are an important primer whether you expect to continue with private instruction or want to join small group classes at Aligned Living Studios.


Pilates New Client Duet Special

$80 (per person) for 3 Semi-Private Pilates Sessions (a value of $120)

Same as a Pilates New Client Special but twice the fun! Try Pilates with a friend, spouse or significant other. Semi-private sessions are another great way to get started with the added bonus of a buddy!


Yoga New Client Special

$49 for 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga

Enjoy 30 days of unlimited Yoga classes for $40. During your 30 days, sample different styles of Yoga and the class times that will work with your schedule.


Explorer’s New Client Special

$259 for 3 Private Pilates Sessions30 Days of Unlimited Yoga • 1 massage (a value of $349)

The Explorer’s New Client Special is a sampling of everything we have to offer at Aligned Living Studios. Enjoy 3 Pilates private sessions, 30 days of unlimited yoga and one massage. We think you'll find that this trio will have you on your way to feeling like your best self!


One-on-One Session - $75

Package of 5 One-on-Ones - $330 • Package of 10 One-on-Ones - $630

Duet Session - $40

Package of 5 Duets - $190 • Package of 10 Duets - $360

Trio Session - $35

Package of 5 Trios - $165 • Package of 10 Trios - $320


Mat & Tower Class - $25

Package of 5 Mat & Tower Classes - $120 • Package of 10 Mat & Tower Classes - $220

* Mat & Tower Classes are limited to 5 Participants

Reformer Class - $35

Package of 5 Reformer Classes - $165 • Package of 10 Reformer Classes - $320

* Reformer Classes are limited to 4 Participants


An excellent choice for clients combining Private, Semi Private, and/or Small Group Sessions. Banks do not expire.

Deposit $300 into an account and receive a 10% discount on all sessions • Deposit $500 into an account and receive a 15% discount on all sessions

All Package purchases expire 6 months after the payment date. Please provide 24 hour notice for all appointment cancellations or modifications. Schedule changes made within 24 hours will result in a charge to your account as if you had attended the appointment.


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