New Client Specials

We offer the following to get you started…


Yoga New Client Special - $49

If you’ve already enjoyed your first FREE Yoga class, continue your Yoga experience with 30 days of unlimited Yoga classes for $49. Explore all of the expressions of Yoga that we offer including beginners classes, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, AromaYoga, and more.


Pilates New Client Special - $150

The Pilates New Client Special is a package of 3 Private Sessions the price of two. During the three sessions you will explore Pilates movement principles, become familiar with frequently used anatomical terms used in Pilates and experience most of the Pilates apparati.


Explorer’s New Client Special - $259

The Explorer’s New Client Special is a sampling of all that we have to offer at Aligned Living Studios. Enjoy the 3 private sessions with an expert Pilates instructor, 30 days of unlimited Yoga and one massage.